Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Blog Assignment:

Once it was decided that the lesson plan was going to be a collaboration project, it was now time to begin to come up with ideas. During several classes, my partner and I sat down together with each of us coming up with various ideas on what we wanted to accomplish in our lesson plan. Once all of our ideas were set, we decided that each of us would complete certain parts of the lesson plan. Once all was agreed upon, we completed the lesson plan. We then planned what each of our roles would be in the classroom once the presentation date arrived.
The objective of the lesson plan was that the students would be able to recognize nursery rhyme characters from the story. The assessments of the lesson plan consisted of a ditto as well as the help from the teacher who was circulating the room during the lesson plan. We stayed as close to the script (our written lesson plan) as much as we could and I thought that we executed our lesson plan well. All in all, I feel that our lesson plan was effective. The students seemed to enjoy it and we accomplished our objective.
Upon our successful completion of the recoding of our podcast, my partner and I decided to incorporate the podcast int he planning of our lesson. we decided to gather students in a group so that they can sit quietly and listen to the podcast of our story. When the date arrived for our lesson plan presentation, we did play the podcast for the class. We decided to do this so that the students can experience a different way of listening to a story. The students were attentive and seemed to enjoy the podcast. Pod casting can be an effective tool in a classroom. By listening to a podcast, students can let their minds visualize what they think the illustrations of the story would look like while they are using their listening skills.
Overall, I thought that the lesson plans presented by the class went well. Each lesson plan was unique to the story that was picked. Each lesson plan contained some interesting ideas for presentations as well as for a system for behavioral rewards and/or punishments. Having the other students act in a certain way prepares for what may be a real life classroom situation.
I thought that some of the class had some difficulties in the handling of these behavioral situations, although at times, some of the behaviors went overboard.
Teaching is a constant learning experience. I have learned some new things and hope to continue with the learning process.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We have concluded that we plan to create one lesson plan on nursery rhymes. After planning on what our objective is, we have decided on how we wish to set up the lesson plan. Based on the various characters in the story, we plan on creating a lesson plan that we help the students identify the nursery rhyme characters. Hopefully, at the end of the elsson the students will have a better understanding of who nursery rhyme charcters are and how to identify them in other books.
Today, we will be deciding on whether or not we will be creating one or two lesson plans. Two lesson plans will mean that each of us will be teaching a separate leasson plan. One lesson plan means that we will be co-teaching. Then we will be searching on the computer for examples and other things we can use for the lesson plans.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Today, we accomplished the creating of the five effect questions about the book an posted them on the blog. Also, we accomplished the task of deciding on what lesson plans that we can create about the book. Having decided that 2 separate lesson plans can be created about the book, we then decided on which one of us would be creating what lesson plan. After the decision, we then began to search on the Internet for various ideas about the lesson plans we would be creating. The problem now will be to narrow down all the information so that we can each create a lesson plan that accomplishes what we would like to teach in the allotted time frame. There is so much information available and it will take some time to get just enough to create an effective lesson plan...


These would be the questions that I would ask the students about this book, "Once Upon a Time"....

1. Where would you have heard the title of the book, "Once Upon a Time" used before?
2. By looking at the cover, can anyone tell what the story of "The Three Little Pigs" is about?
3. Does anyone know what rhyming words are?
4. Can anyone give examples of rhyming words from the story?
5. Can anyone name any of the characters from fairy tales that are in the story?
After completing and publishing our pod cast, we are now ready to move on with the task. Today we are going to be working on the lesson plan for "Once Upon a Time". We will be focusing on getting ideas created and organized for a lesson plan that hopefully will be educational to students. We will see how it goes.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here is the link for our pod cast....